Guest Post: Can You Just Be You?

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by Debbie Ploskina

Today can you just be you? The one whose reflection you see in the mirror each and everyday? No need to please anyone,no need to try and make things how you’d like them to be. We all have life happenings that matter and we need to deal with. But just take a deep breath,and inhale the goodness the day can bring. Sometimes getting caught up in all that is going on around you or in your life make cause tension or stress. It may be a day just to release the mind from the fullness of it all.

Relax and take time for you,whether it be to take a walk, read a book, do something you enjoy no matter what that is. You don’t have to measure up to anything, or engage in anything heavy. Just be, just feel the goodness you possess and surround yourself with things you love. Treat yourself today, as you deserve the calm and peace that is yours if you make the time for it. YOU have to take care of yourself because it is well being that allows us to continue who we are and what we do. Peace~ out!