How to Find Your Authentic Self

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Most people go about living their lives without thinking about what their true essence is.  From our early childhood, we are socialized or parented in a certain way that builds our own identity.  And then life experiences further shape our identity, without us realizing it.  Check out the steps below to think through how to find the real you, the authentic you.

(as found in the book “Discover Your Authentic Self” by Sherrie Dillard)

  • The Invitation: Begin the journey with intent, and begin to listen to yourself and your surroundings.  What draws you in, what repels you, what areas do you want to explore?
  • Reclaiming What Was Lost: Revisit your childhood and the experiences that shaped you.  Are there areas you need to address (acknowledge and release)? Are you a thinker or feeler, extrovert or introvert?  How does your authentic self best shine?
  • The Call to Transformation: The universe has a plan for you.  Learn to let go of control. Surrender to being the real you.  Acknowledge and release past mistakes to move forward.  Pay attention to your intuition and signs drawing you into
    the path forward.
  • Lifting Off the Layers: Free yourself from stereotypes and focus on the authentic person that you are.  Take off the mask, overcome doubt, and embrace emotional sensitivity in all its forms.
  • The Intuitive You: Listen and act on what your authentic self needs and craves.  Follow your heart.
  • Embrace Your Passion: Simplify and remove unnecessary distractions from your life. Determine your personal style. Learn something new, something that calls to you. Get back to your childhood dreams.
  • Living Your Purpose: Identify your true gifts and talents.  Embrace and support them.  Find opportunities to use and share these gifts.

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  • Love the blog! I had one years ago and really enjoyed the process as well. I wanted to tell you that you are so on the right track with this. I recently went back to oil paining and had not done so in 12 years or so. I felt so much lift from doing so. I all of a sudden reminded myself to remember to stop and see all the beauty in the world. I overcame fear by reaching out to a very famous painter, just to say thank you to him for all his contributions and now have my own personal coach and mentor. If you free yourself just a little even, the blessings that come in the process seem to become many! You have always been an exceptional person and I am honored to know you.

  • Author

    Tamara – That is fantastic – so nice to hear! I’d love to see your work – I can post and promote here, if you’d like. I find art (and music) to be so inspiring! Thanks for sharing and your kind words, my friend!

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