Taking Action: Three Things I’ve Done

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With a very divided nation, and outrage expressed from both ends of the political spectrum, I like the idea of focusing on what we, as individuals, can do to support what we believe.

Three things I’ve done to make a difference in my community:

1. Signed up to volunteer at the local women’s shelter (8-week training course starting in a few weeks to become a counselor/advocate)
2. Attended the Ready to Run seminar at Chatham’s PA Center for Women in Politics
3. Attended a local action group as an offshoot of the Women’s Marches

One exercise at the action group was to write a headline and article about what the world will look like in 2021. Here’s mine:

“Collaboration and Compassion Bring Change”

Bucking the last eight-year (or more) trend of obstruction and animosity, a group of women and men started with a march on Jan. 21, 2017. They spent the following four years collaborating and building a movement that wasn’t just focused on themselves, but worked to understand the supporters of opposing views.

With focused dedication and open, honest and compassionate conversations, this group channeled the power of all that is good in the world, playing not to people’s fears but their hopes and dreams. Everyone then understood that we all want the same things.

Through the following actions, the world is now a safer and peaceful place:

* Instituting term limits at federal, state and local governments
* Supporting more women and other under-represented groups to gain seats at the table
* Developing a system of campaigns and elections that does not rely on fundraising as a method of winning